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Our Visit to SquareRoots

Paul and Darien of Square Roots were kind enough to give us a tour of the facilities along with their farms. Square Roots is an urban farming and entrepreneurship program that aims to strengthen communities through real food. They do this with an entrepreneurship program that trains farmers to become adept at urban farming and with their storage container units. After we arrived, Paul gave a great presentation on the importance of making locally grown produce accessible to all. Most of what we eat comes from far away and in the process of transport, the food loses its freshness and nutritional value. Square Roots objective is to rebuild the relationship between farmer and consumer by bringing the farms to an urban setting. With this in mind we moved to the storage container farms to find out more the technical side. Paul showed us his farm where he was mainly growing Kale. The storage units are nearly completely autonomous and can grow up to an acres worth of produce a week and yield fifty pounds. It was amazing to see how such a small unit could produce so much food. Seeing this makes the prospects of widespread urban farming seem closer than ever before. We were able to harvest some of Paul's vegetables and made a delicious salad that's freshness could not be beat. Coming from this experience we have a greater insight of the importance of urban farming and how to make it possible.

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